Sunday, November 30, 2014

Let it snow....are you serious??

You have to smile at the complications of a design team spread across the globe when it comes to a seasonal challenge....witness the latest (number 197!!) excitement at Opus Gluei where the theme is snow.  SNOW?  Its a warm 34C here in Australia today, well, in my little part of it, and I don't think its ever snowed in my street.  Now THAT would be an example of climate change, but I'm not advocating for it........

So channeling my inner winter, I attempted a scattering of snowflakes, and then I hung them from a bar and they move in the wind.  Before anyone complains about a distinct lack of white, let me hasten to explain I was thinking snow in the evening....glistening against the night sky.  What would I know? I've never seen it.
I embossed a snowflake stamp and added a glittery centre, then glued them to grey gauze ribbon.  They're double-sided, but you can only see that if I upload a you'll have to take my word for it.

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  1. For someone who has never seen snow before, you have captured it perfectly! Lovely idea to have them hanging so they move in the breeze and flutter like real snowflakes.


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