Monday, January 13, 2014

Need a lift?

It might be a quiet time for you, or you might just have had ENOUGH...of the weather, of the questions, of just about everything.  If that's you, then I can only hope the card I've made is bright and cheery enough for you.

I think I might send it to my friend whose New Year has been anything but happy.  If it makes her smile just a little, it will have served its purpose.

This is the first Opus Gluei challenge of the New Year...why dont you join in too?


  1. How could this not make someone smile? It's so uplifting. Your friend is lucky to have such a talented woman in her life.

  2. I agree with Electra, this is a very cheery card and your friend should smile, at it's lovely colors and that it was made with love. I just left you a note on the latest post about your neutrals and then I see this and think...she does a lovely job with color too. Go with your muse, my dear!


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