Saturday, August 27, 2011

Opus Gluei #111 "Oh I do like to be beside the seaside..."

And I do too.  Nearly missed this challenge ( the latest from the lovely PBs) because life keeps getting in the way of anything remotely creative lately.  Unless you'd call laundry creative?  And no, I don't mean worrying about how the clothes are hung on the line (but of course you could do it by colour, or size or type, or match the pegs to the clothes, or hang your socks in pairs........) see how easy it is to digress?

So here's my very simple take on the seaside........doubling as a Father's Day card for my Dad who is the second last in a long line of sailors in the family.  I'm the last.  The image makes reminds me of the trip to the Kimberley coast we did together, and how it must have looked like this to anyone watching: the boat with its tender tagging along behind (but you should be able to see my Dad fishing from it).  And to tell the truth, our skies were lots clearer, amazingly clear and blue.

Nothing terribly fancy about this, just a piece of blue card-stock, a memorable image and a foil embellishment.  Almost minimalist!


  1. Aha found you! You'd linked back to the Opus Gluei blog instead of here, Mr Linky won't display properly in my web browser and it was my Sherlock Holmesidness that got me here eventually :-)

    Carol Anne - long time no see!
    Good to see you are finding just a bit of time to craft, maybe some ATC's (as they are good if time is short) would work for you in the meantime, as it is hard to go without doing something with paper and glue for very long.
    First comes the twitching and then the little voices start...LOL!

    Your card may be simple but it is full of memories and means much to you which therefore makes it priceless and the perfect project for OG!

    I hope you are able to squeeze some more crafting time for yourself in the future as it is so good for your soul, who needs clean clothes anyway, in fact wooden clothes pegs are great for a bit of altered art... :-)

    Thank you for joining with us at Opus Gluei Carol Anne and I hope to see you again soon!

  2. I love this card, it may be minimalist in its design but it's ideal on all fronts - captures a great memory, is beautifully composed, and will be loved and treasured by its recipient!

    We've missed you and fooey on housework, I get caught up in it too. It's not fun, besides the dust bunnies deserve to fatten themselves up a bit before I conquer them. I hope you get to come back and play with us some more, it's always fabulous to see YOU!


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