Sunday, June 26, 2011

What? Christmas already?

I cant believe I'm making Christmas cards.  Well, making one probably doesn't count and its likely to be the only one I make unless I get sucked in.....  I'd like to think I'll make them every year, but I run out of time and its December before I know it.  
This is a combination of card and tag, and just to show its possible, I made lots of tags because I was on a roll.  The Christmas paper was lurking on a shelf, getting dusty, and the images are just the right size for a small circle punch.  

Fancy straying from monotone colours?  Still traditional though.... can't go past red, green and gold.  This little collection is specially made for the GPs at the fabulous Opus Gluei and their friends at Jingle Belles too. 


  1. I decided this year I was going to play with the Jingle Belles so that I would have cards to send in December, rather than be frustrated. I hope you decide to make some of these as the year progresses as well. Especially when you make such classic and elegant cards - this Christmas one is no different - it just looks so perfectly elegant. I love that you also used the motif for your tags.

    Thanks for participating with us at Opus Gluei, we look foward to seeing Chat Noir's creations!

  2. oh my gosh!!! how ♥COOL♥ are those gorgeous red, black and gold tags??!?!? what a brilliant and simple (but sophisticated!) design, i love them! awesome card, as well!

    as for making xmas cards in june, well, yes i agree it feels odd; but having made myself sick with worry every december making cards RIGHT UP TO THE DAY... i find this to be odd inna GOOOOOD way! :) :) :) hope you will too... c'mon back if you feel like making more! ♥!

  3. AWESOME!! I'm so glad you're back at it-and on a roll, no less. These are very elegant, IMO, but then everything you create is elegant.

  4. Love those fun little tags ... cute & classy for sure ... and remember you still have six more months to crank out those cards ... so glad you joined us this week at Jingle Belles.

  5. Your card is gorgeous. It's SO you. I love that you make black work for anything. Start making your cards now and you can have them written out by the first of December. (It's the little mantra I keep trying to tell myself. LOL) Thank you so much for playing along with us during the OPUS GLUEI - Jingle Belles Tag Along.

  6. These are gorgeous! I love how they have an antique feel to them. I love the color... these are great! Thank you for joining us! We really appreciate it!

  7. Your colour scheme is very chic, there has been a trend the last few Xmas's here (England) for black fake Xmas trees, which look fabulous, (really they do!) and these tags and card would match perfectly!
    Lovely work :-)

  8. I love what you did with that paper...I had the same paper for last year's cards and it ended up stumping me by the this idea

  9. What a striking color combination. Love the tags.


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