Monday, August 9, 2010


Summer........  cant wait.  Winter has been particularly wet and cold this year, and although we need the rain and my garden is thriving, I do love a warm afternoon.  

When I saw this image I could hear insects buzzing around and darting across the top of the water in the creek.  There's just a soft sound of water moving and the grass is just a bit prickly and dry from a day in the sun.  Pick up the hem of your skirt and slip off your sandals; slide your feet into the cool water just near the bank where its shallow and you can see the bottom.

Not sure if this is what Opus Gluei meant by dog days of summer, but it says summer to me.  The papers are just a collection from the boxes, bits of black and orange and a whisper of gauze ribbon to break up the black..


  1. This is exactly what OPUS GLUEI meant by DOG DAYS OF SUMMER. Your interpretation is wonderful. I can feel the cool water tickling my toes just looking at this picture. Wonderful card.

  2. I really realy like this, as well as your narrative. The ribbon adds the perfect finishing touch!

  3. very the sweetness to it..I love to just sit and enjoy summer

  4. Aw, I can see how that image spoke to you, your description is perfect! Love the warmth and gentleness of this!

  5. Such an elegant card and your description of summer is perfect.
    At first glance she looked like a ballerina, I think it's the way she's holding her neck. It's a beautiful image.

  6. Its nice to find another aussie craft blogger!

    beautiful image!


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